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Money Laundering

Managers, consultants and administrative staff

To gain knowledge of the legislation in the money laundering, knowing the rights and obligations of the companies.

1. Introduction and evolution of the legal framework
2. Recipients of duties
  . Financial and non-financial entities
3. The duties
  . Duty to require identification
  . Duty of refusal
  . Duty of diligence
  . Conservation Duty
  . Examination of Duty
  . Communication Duty
  . Duty of abstention
  . Duty to cooperate
  . Duty of secrecy
  . Duty to create control mechanisms
  . Training Duty
4. The real estate activity in particular
  . Duty of communicating the beginning of the activity
  . Duty to biannual reporting

10 hours

Members: 75 € *
Non-Members: 110 € *
*(VAT exempt under paragraph 10 of article. 9 of CIVA)